We help organizations build meaningful connections between people and machines.
The Great Enterprise Unbundling

Enterprise applications are due for a serious rethink.

People + Machines

Everything is connected.

Bug Labs develops software platforms and services that help everyone benefit from an increasingly connected world.


Eliminate information silos and interact with information, from any system, via whatever UI you prefer - web, mobile, voice, chat, SMS


The world's most popular, flexible, easy-to-use data visualization and dashboard tool.  Hosted, white label  and open source versions available.


Simple, fast, reliable device messaging platform with complete API for everything from quick pilots to production deployments.

Social Machines

Ultra-fast network connections, edge computing, AI and ML are combining to breathe life into a future we envisioned in 2015 - a world where the distinction between networked humans and machines is erased.  The man-machine interface is irrelevant because it is disappearing.  Interested in learning more?  Follow us on twitter or visit our blog.  Click here to buy the book.


Our core mission is to democratize access to technology, and enable a future where everyone, not just the technically trained can participate and benefit. From our roots as an open source hardware company to our latest software platforms, the goal has remained the same. If you believe in this future like we do, we'd love to hear from you.

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